Amelia Florence: Florist

Name: Amelia Florence

Job title: Florist

Ideas & Planning: With events and weddings it’s really a collaborative decision process from the initial meeting hearing the ideas, producing mood boards, samples and then execution. I love planning and executing events and visualizing how a display will look. I’m fortunate that I have a lot of experience working on large and small scale events from being a visual merchandiser before becoming a florist. 

When it comes to weekly bouquets I try to choose a different colour palette each week, using seasonal ingredients. I get stock from the Netherlands and from British growers so it depends what is available. I’m usually am inspired by one particular flower that week which I use a base and find complimenting colours and shapes.I have always worked better under pressure, being in lockdown has really highlighted this for me. I like to have busy days, which usually start very early at the flower market, it’s a real bonus to be able to see your progress at the end of a day and be surrounded by flowers

Finance: I started my career in floristry in Canada working in florists so I’m not too sure on the salary in the UK. Since moving back here I have been solely working for myself which comes with a lot of expenses. I also only knew a few people in Manchester when I moved here, It takes time to get your name out there when you move to a new city before you start making an income. I knew this would be the case and was happy to put my money into my business as I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing. 

Networking: I have collaborated with Cecily Shrimpton in creating my screen printed packaging, which I absolutely love! I work with some local businesses to provide them weekly flowers, event flowers and have collaborated with Reserve Wines for Mothers day with a wine and bouquet bundle.

Unfortunately some projects were cancelled due to Covid but I have some collaborations in the pipeline which I’m very excited about!

I’d love to go to some creative meet ups when we are allowed, as I generally work on my own it’s always great to meet people who are in a similar situation and people who can inspire me.

Quote to live by: Be kind, be patient and stay hydrated.

You can visit Amelia’s Instagram page here.