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17 Independent Publications You Should Know About – And How You Can Help

Jessica Howell and Jenna Campbell founded NRTH LASS in 2017 to prove that it really isn’t grim up north. The print magazine is all about promoting talented northern women and proving that you can have a fulfilling career and life outside of the London bubble.

Nice People Magazine

Illustration by Patricia Estrada

NRTH LASS Magazine: celebrating Women Grafting Up North

Positive News

The magazine that proves life’s not so grim up north

Positive News (Giffgaff partnership)

Giffgaff launches funding campaign for The Community Projects – and calls for nominees

Creative Boom

Jenna Campbell & Jessica Howell of NRTH LASS magazine on celebrating female success in the North

Creative Boom

Design: Jane Bowyer

14 independent women’s magazines that should be on your reading list

The Culture Vulture

Image: Colours May Vary

NRTH LASS, a semi-glossy with intelligence and integrity

Yolklore Magazine

Image: Charlotte Street News

Their mission is to inspire people about being in the north and they appear to have succeeded where others have not. The colourful, cultural and warm ‘northern essence’ has been bottled into a collection of beautifully bound pages. It is no wonder then that the world is welcoming it with open arms. 

Maia Media

Image: Hannah Maia

Issue 2 of NRTH Lass magazine is out and celebrates the best of female talent up north. In this issue I talk to Co-creator Jess Howell about learning to love my body, rebalancing life and my experiences as a filmmaker and business owner.

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